Personalized medicine and SmartBiobank

[gdlr_text_align class=”justify” ]The concept of personalized medicine is over 10 years old. However, its impact on drug research and development and daily clinical routine has not been up to its potential. The main reason behind this failure is the lack of appropriate available data. According to the white paper of the Global Alliance, there is a lack of interchangeability of technical standards for managing and sharing genomic sequence and related clinical data.

AstridBio decided to contribute to this effort launching the SmartBiobank system that – due to its freely available, web based bioinformatics platform – is attempting to standardize all the processes involved in biobanking, genomic data sharing, clinical and experimental data collection, storage, integration, and interpretation.

The SmartBiobank information system highly relies on a networking effect.  Once a significant number of research projects join us, we can use this network of projects to share and merge independent research projects for potential biomarker discovery.[/gdlr_text_align].

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