How important is software training support in medical research?

[gdlr_text_align class=”justify” ]Whether you are a pharma or biotech company conducting in-house clinical research activities or an established multi-site research institution, a secure and robust information management system is a necessity for the smooth sailing of your research.

But is training support for your team an important factor on your checklist? Training support is often looked at as a one-directional approach from the vendors end. While the initial training and documentation support may be provided by the vendor as part of your contract, it is important that your team follows-up on this through a closed-loop training protocol.

Software training support is a imperative factor that has to be taken into account as crucially as the security, functionality and usability of the system.

Below are some reasons why both the software vendor and customer can avoid data-quality issues through right training of users:

  1. Training your research team on the software using the right content at appropriate frequencies enables smooth use of the software and superior data management.
  2. Usage of well-documented training reports and analytics that will help effectively identify a quality-assurance problem.
  3. The right reports and analytics will identify which users are not trained well or trained enough and need to be re-trained.
  4. Additional analytics will enable you to identify if there is a recurring problem in the training material that leads to a poor understanding of the IT system.
  5. Appropriate training is a strong indicator of the usability of the system. If people are trained well and are yet not able to use the software effectively, there is a problem with the user-friendliness of the software.
  6. Glitches in data entry can be easily determined through identifying, analyzing and solving the problem using the right training.
  7. Frequent training helps users stay up-to-date with the advances in the software and added functionality.
  8. Training enables you to extract maximum value from your software purchase.

Time and again, the SmartBiobank team has ensured to list a wide variety of training options to its Premium and Integrated SmartBiobank clients. We have developed training solutions that will provide maximum benefit, increased productivity and lower implementation costs. Our training support can cater to single users or use a team-based approach for customized training. [/gdlr_text_align]

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If you are looking for a secure, affordable research data management system for biomedical research that puts a strong emphasis on user training, check out SmartBiobank and get started today!

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