The benefits of role-based security access in research

[gdlr_text_align class=”justify”]Strict privacy and confidentiality laws have led researchers in healthcare to integrate role-based security access into their data management systems to ensure data security and access control. Individual access to a system becomes time-consuming over time as the number of forgotten passwords, new registrations and account terminations increase with an expanding research consortia. Lately, developments in research data management has led to the establishment of standard levels of access; or “permissions”, which are based on employee roles rather than individuals. This automation of administrative and access control tasks is done through Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). Below are some of the advantages of incorporating RBAC into your research management system:

1. Low maintenance costs and increased efficiency through a one-time set up of role-based rules and workflow engines modules.
2. High security by controlling users’ access according to their specified roles.
3. Maximized operational performance through streamlining data transactions.
4. Better personal responsibility by tracking specific user activity.
5. Stronger adherence to regulatory requirements through privacy and confidentiality of user activity.
6. East and accurate monitoring of the use and access of data by higher management, leading to better research management.
7. Reduced administrative and IT costs by eliminating redundancy and mindless administrative tasks.
8. Long-term savings and high ROI through the implementation of a “one-size fits all” technology tool.

So, how does one implement RBAC into their existing database? RBAC requires a thorough strategic process with a detailed structured plan that breaks down each task into various segments. “How role-based access control can provide security and benefits” is an article by ComputerWorld that can help you get started with the first steps.

SmartBiobank is a research data management system that employs RBAC into its structural framework to enable easy user access control and high security. Contact us today and start your research project! [/gdlr_text_align].

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