Metagenome analysis of moss-associated microbiome(FFG)

The aim of the project is to explore and analyze the ecology of the area-specific community composition (the Alpine bog) with the help of metagenomic approaches using NGS technology. The first step is to determine the taxonomic affiliation, and to characterize the structure and diversity of extreme habitat-associated communities. Furthermore, the aim of the project is to identify novel enzymes and describe novel enzyme functionalities. Bacteria associated with moss have to adapt to harsh conditions and utilize a broad range of different carbon sources, so by delivering a deep insight into the function and activity of these metagenomic communities can lead to the discovery of new genes for biotechnological approaches.
Partner: ACIB- Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology

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Biobank based biomarker discovery and molecular mechanism research to support antipsychotic drug development

The aim of the project is to develop biomarkers and methods to support, rationalize and accelerate the discovery and development of novel drugs for the treatment of psychotic disorders. As a result more effective drugs with fewer side effects than the existing ones can be put on the market.
Partners: Gedeon Richter, University of Debrecen, UD-Genomed, Hungarian Clinical Neurogenetic Society
BIOREQ: Model Requirements for the Management of Biological Repositories

BioReq is a comprehensive guideline which covers the full range of research and operation activities applicable to biological repositories or biobanks.
This Guideline is intended to be used for the following purposes:

As the basis for creating a custom Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual: the requirements presented in this Guideline can be transformed into SOP statements. Using the Guideline as a basis of SOP guarantees that all relevant areas are covered.
As a checklist of standards compliance: This Guideline incorporates ISO, OECD and NCI recommendations which apply to the operation of biorepositories. Since each requirement articulates a single recommendation which is either adhered to or not, there is no need for a separate audit checklist.
To guide the design and development of Biobank Software Systems (BSS): software vendors can rely on this Guideline as an aid to guide product development.

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