Next-Generation Sequencing

In the last few years technology development has become one of the main drivers of genomics and it will remain so in the foreseeable future. With decreasing prices and increasing accuracy, next generation sequencing is already a mainstream application, the rising demand by researchers being matched by a constantly growing number of suppliers.

The aims of your project not only determine the bioinformatics tools to be used, but – going back one more step – greatly influence the choice of platform for your experiment. Having analyzed raw or preprocessed data originating from all types of next generation sequencing platforms (including Illumina, Roche 454, Ion Torrent, Applied Biosystems’ SOLiD, Pacific Biosciences and Complete Genomics), we can offer you end-to-end sequencing packages that promise the best possible results – considering your research needs, budget and special requirements/concerns.

Our sequencing offerings:

1. Targeted or whole genome sequencing for comparative studies

  • discovering point mutations
  • structural variations
  • genotyping to identify candidates for association studies

2. Transcriptome analysis using RNA-seq, cDNA based sequencing strategy

  • expression level quantification, comparative analysis of different samples
  • expression profiles
  • transcriptome assembly
  • detection of isoform switching

3. Small RNA discovery

  • discovery and profiling of non-coding RNA

4. DNA methylation analysis for epigenetic studies