Malignant Disease Discovery Suite

The suite allows the genetic characterization of malignancies and the establishment of genetics-tailored therapeutic modalities – contributing to a better understanding of cancer biology. The suite is based on modules – created to answer specific questions. The modules can be customized according to the individual characteristics of the project.

Mutation Analysis Module

The module combines expression analysis, variant detection, annotation and function prediction to help the researcher identify molecular alterations behind the phenotype transformation. Module components:

  • Expression Analysis
  • Variant Calling
  • Variant Filtering (e.g. missense coding)
  • Filtering against public genetic variation databases
  • Annotation
  • Pathway analysis
  • Phenotype Prediction

Cancer Evolution Analysis Module

Parallel discovery of the individual germ-line or somatic cell, the primary cancer and the metastasis genotype – revealing genetic alterations behind the cancer evolution sequence. Module components:
  • Expression analysis
  • Multi-genome comparison
  • Genotype-phenotype association analysis
  • Treatment-response/resistance biomarker identfication
  • Inherited cancer risk variants discovery
  • Data integration (other omics data sources)