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role based access control

The benefits of role-based security access in research

[gdlr_text_align class=”justify”]Strict privacy and confidentiality laws have led researchers in healthcare to integrate role-based security access into their data management systems to ensure data security and access control. Individual access [...]
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ISBER 2014 Annual Meeting and Exhibits

[gdlr_text_align class=”justify”] The International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) Annual meeting was held from May 20-24 at the Walt Disney Dolphin Hotel in Orlando, Florida. The meeting facilitated [...]
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cloud data storage

Current trends in research data storage

[gdlr_text_align class=”justify” ] Recently, Avere, a leading organization specializing in various forms of data storage facilities, hosted its first webinar on current trends in research data storage and data management. The audience addressed [...]
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Choosing the right data management system

[gdlr_text_align class=”justify” ]Research approaches that utilize large scale clinical data gathering supplemented with the results from high throughput experiments have become the rising trend in the scientific community. This is [...]
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Rare Disease Day 2014

[gdlr_text_align class=”justify” ]With the annual Rare Disease day approaching on Feb 28th 2014, general public, policy-makers, health professionals and researchers are gathering across the world to spread awareness on the [...]
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SmartBiobank: A new approach to data management

[gdlr_text_align class=”justify” ]SmartBiobank is a free, online data management application designed to meet every researcher’s needs by incorporating new technologies like cloud based data storage and secured data access. The Smartbiobank [...]
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