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AstridBio Technologies participated in work on Single Cell Mass Cytometry of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer published in Cells

Single cell genomics and proteomics with the combination of innovative three-dimensional (3D) cell culture techniques can open new avenues toward the understanding of intra-tumor heterogeneity. Here, we characterize lung cancer markers using single cell mass cytometry to compare different in vitro cell culturing methods: two-dimensional (2D), carrier-free, or bead-based 3D culturing with in vivo xenografts. ... Read more

Presenting PrECISE: New Hope for Prostate Cancer

Using artificial intelligence PrECISE helps integrate patients genetic profile with the results of various health reports, scientific publications, statistics, and genomic data in order to facilitate the best personalized treatment option for each patient. The PrECISE technology was built for prostate cancer but most of the framework can be repurposed for other types of cancers.

How important is software training support in medical research?

Whether you are a pharma or biotech company conducting in-house clinical research activities or an established multi-site research institution, a secure and robust information management system is a necessity for the smooth sailing of your research. But is training support for your team an important factor on your checklist? Training support is often looked at as ... Read more

How to achieve the ideal biobank management solution

As a vendor of a web-based biobank management solution, SmartBiobank is often faced with requests from scientists or biobank managers who are unsure of what operational plan to follow while searching for an ideal IT biobank management solution for their biobanks or registries. Recently, the 2nd BBMRI-LPC Forum meeting was held in Tallin, Estonia where ... Read more

AstridBio in Leipzig for ESBB 2014!

AstridBio will be exhibiting at the ESBB 2014 Annual Conference at the Congress Centre in Leipzig, Germany from October 21-October 24. Come visit us at the Booth number 21, we will be featuring our research data management system, the SmartBiobank. Due to its unique collaborative capacity to store and analyze different types of data, SmartBiobank ... Read more

Companion Diagnostics: Current trends and expectations

The field of companion diagnostics is picking up a lot of interest in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Its ability to test the safety of drugs and therapeutic products before their use and identify potential harms due to side effects has led to a wider use in the earlier stages of drug development. The World CDx ... Read more

How can the use of big data reduce healthcare costs?

Large quantities of clinical data is now being collected and analyzed in order to improve patient care around the world using big data. Big data is paving way for reduction in cost and effort within the healthcare industry. A recent report in Health Care Insights highlights how the use of algorithms to analyze large amounts of data ... Read more

The Truth Behind Free Software

Open-source tools and software are becoming a rising norm among researchers who want to conduct genetic analysis. Programs like Moodle (open-source learning platform), Kauli (financial system for academics) and even open-source Lab Information Management Systems like CloudLIMS have made quite an entrance in the market. Open-source tools can be quite a catch within the bioinformatics industry, ... Read more

Framework for Responsible Sharing of Genomic and Health-related Data

In its aim to standardize genomic data management practices, the Global Alliance for Genomic Health recently launched Draft 7 of the Framework for Responsible Sharing of Genomic and Health-Related Data. The document, developed by the Regulatory and Ethics Working Group of GA4GH, highlights the Purpose of the alliance, its Foundational Principles and the Core Elements ... Read more

The benefits of role-based security access in research

Strict privacy and confidentiality laws have led researchers in healthcare to integrate role-based security access into their data management systems to ensure data security and access control. Individual access to a system becomes time-consuming over time as the number of forgotten passwords, new registrations and account terminations increase with an expanding research consortia. Lately, developments ... Read more

23andMe seeks FDA approval for reporting Bloom syndrome

There has been an ongoing battle between the direct-to-consumer genetic testing company, 23andme, and the FDA. The FDA has been skeptical about the potential misunderstandings that could be caused by the results of genetic testing. It fears that customers will be misled by the test results and will classify them as diagnosis without proper clinical evidence. ... Read more