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AstridBio Technologies participated in work on Single Cell Mass Cytometry of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer published in Cells

Single cell genomics and proteomics with the combination of innovative three-dimensional (3D) cell culture techniques can open new avenues toward the understanding of intra-tumor heterogeneity. Here, we characterize lung cancer markers using single cell mass cytometry to compare different in vitro cell culturing methods: two-dimensional (2D), carrier-free, or bead-based 3D culturing with in vivo xenografts.... Read More

Presenting PrECISE: New Hope for Prostate Cancer

Using artificial intelligence PrECISE helps integrate patients genetic profile with the results of various health reports, scientific publications, statistics, and genomic data in order to facilitate the best personalized treatment option for each patient. The PrECISE technology was built for prostate cancer but most of the framework can be repurposed for other types of cancers.