Big data cloud storage

[gdlr_text_align class=”justify” ]With the big data revolution taking place in today’s health-care system where data from various hospitals, medical-insurance companies and research laboratories is being gathered and analyzed, there is a need of a stringent and secure data storage facility. Such large sets of data, also known as ‘big data’, cannot be stored on traditional database management systems due to their tremendous volume and complexity. Cloud-based data storage facilities address these big-data storage needs by providing a more sophisticated solution to storing ‘big data.’ In this case, your data is stored on an off-site server maintained by another organization that specialises in data storage.

Big-data cloud storage is ideal when :

  • you want to launch a multicentric project allowing data access to multiple parties
  • you want 24/7 online access to your files and data
  • you want a big-data security mobile infrastructure that ensures that your data is always encrypted
  • you want to reduce costs relating to disaster recovery of your data
  • you require flexibility in your data-storage demands and do not want to be dependent on an in-house server

Normally, there would be a cost for cloud-based storage depending on the quantity of data you store in the system. There are cloud storage providers that offer free storage capacity as well.

Astridbio’s Smartbiobank provides free cloud storage of data with an unlimited storage capacity [/gdlr_text_align]


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