AstridBio ’s scientific poster on German Mass Cytometry User Forum

AstridBio Technologies scientific poster on 3rd German Mass Cytometry User Forum in Berlin

The 3rd German Mass Cytometry User Forum held on January 23rd – 24th 2020 in Berlin was a great success. The Forum was organized by the German Mass Cytometry Network, GerMaNet in collaboration with the German Rheumatism Research Center Berlin, DRFZ, the Leibniz-Institute, for the purpose to connect mass cytometry laboratories in Berlin, Munich, Ulm, Cologne, Freiburg and Dresden to each other and internationally, to promote networking and exchange within the mass cytometry community in and around Germany.
With more than 100 visitors – experts and novices in mass cytometry – from Germany and eleven other countries, the German Mass Cytometry User Forum has established itself as the leading hub for mass cytometry topics in Germany with international impact.

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